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Food, Fat and Friendships

By Sally Thomson, Jun 29 2016 02:11PM

One of my many passions is shopping for clothes, or retail therapy, as us ladies like to call it. Not only does it de-stress our minds, it’s also possible to cover several miles during a really good session, suggesting perhaps that is a full mind/body experience. During one of my recent expeditions I noticed that far from the slim woman with fat friend myth that we are all familiar with, the majority of overweight people were either with overweight friends or tubby partners.This made me reflect on my work as a hypnotherapist with my weight loss clients.At their initial consultation a large proportion of my clients present as despondent without any real belief that they can lose weight and keep it off. They point an accusing finger at ‘feeder’ partners, they worry that they will be unable to socialise with friends with similar food/drink interests or that they will be enticed by the contents of the kitchen treat cupboard (stacked to the top for their children of course).In their mind temptation is everywhere and they are just a pawn in someone else’s game.It is true to say that social links such as friendships or family behaviour seem to have some bearing on whether a person gains weight initially. After all, children do learn from their parents and are likely to develop the same eating habits, for better or for worse.Close friendships and sharing life’s highs and lows together and having common interests can mean that it’s more socially acceptable to gain weight as norms within the relationship change.

But as I explain to my clients, they need to STOP BLAMING AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. A firm motivational coaching style, combined with hypnotherapy for weight loss ensures that:

1 Old accepted patterns of behaviour are SMASHED THROUGH AND OBLITERATED in order to empower and excite the client about their potential to be amazing.

2 The client is operating from a position of STRENGTH and SELF BELIEF, so that social occasions can still be enjoyed within moderation and without the old mentality of ‘OMG I’ve blown it’.3 They can IDENTIFY THEIR GOAL and see the world anew and all the exciting possibilities within it.

4 Their CONFIDENCE in their ability to change and get results is STRATOSPHERIC!

5 They adopt a firm commitment to NEW EATING PATTERNS and DAILY EXERCISE.This inspiring Authoritarian and Motivational approach to weight management reinforced with weight loss hypnosis, is the way forward for those believing their weight problems are insurmountable.

Whatever starting point a person is at with their weight issue, it just takes a change in mind-set to achieve the ‘unachievable’.

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