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Fear of Flying

By Sally Thomson, Jun 28 2016 01:20PM

With the arrival of the brighter weather comes the busiest season of the year for holiday makers. Summer holidays are booked and the flying season is upon us! For many people however the thought of their summer breaks are marred by their fear of flying. More and more people are approaching me to help them with this fear, perhaps as a result of recent plane disasters or simply feelings of being out of control and panicking. They recognise that this feeling is irrational yet the emotional impact is very real to them. They tell me that they constantly play the worst case scenario over and over in their minds, like a mental movie of events before they have even happened, and as a result of this, reinforce all these negative feelings.

By using a combination of cutting edge techniques including hypnotherapy, NLP for confidence, aspects of CBT and Emotional Freedom Technique, these old outdated responses can be changed to ones of calmness, confidence and excitement.

One of my favourite aspects of working with fears and phobias are the positive texts I receive from my clients - either from the airport or on the return from their holiday, telling me of how their whole holiday experience was enhanced as they no longer worried about flying. Of how they now felt that the holiday excitement long before they laid down a towel on the beach….and no longer counted the days with dread until they had to board their flight home.

Hypnotherapy can make dramatic changes to peoples’ deep seated fears, irrational thoughts and feelings by changing their intensity and replacing them with more positive and constructive behaviour. Every aspect of holiday planning and experience can then be one of excitement and eager anticipation.

If you would like to find out more about how hypnotherapy could help you enjoy your flying experience, contact me today to find out more!

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