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By Sally Thomson, Jun 29 2016 02:05PM


We all know someone who has struggled with their weight and we may have witnessed their highs and lows not only of their physical weight but also of their emotions as they become entangled in the maze of deprivation and powerlessness that most diets bring. Their perceived success - or failure - dependant on the reading on their bathroom or slimming club scales . This bears a particular reference to myself having until relatively recently endured a thirty year battle of the bulge. As I rotated from the ‘Atkins’ to the ‘Dukan’ to the ‘Lose 10 pounds in ten days’ – and to the ‘This is the last diet you will ever try’ diet, I would still find myself 6 months down the line with the extra baggage not only on my thighs but the weight of defeat hanging heavily around my shoulders once again. This is because diets only tell you WHAT and WHEN to eat and don’t address the fundamental reasons WHY you eat.


After doing some research online it was then that I had my lightbulb moment. Hypnotherapy for weight loss seemed to tick all the boxes for me. Instead of surrendering all my choices to someone else’s idea of a diet plan, I discovered that weight loss hypnosis would empower me with the tools to manage my own weight effectively and without any feelings of deprivation and being controlled.

Weight loss hypnotherapy has completely rewritten my feelings and behaviour around food. Food has now become secondary in my life, and, at the risk of sounding clichéd , I now eat to live and not live to eat. Hypnosis for weight loss helped me get back in touch with the natural hunger and satiety signals in my body and taught me to listen to them and act on them accordingly. I now eat healthy meals or snacks when I feel genuine physical hunger and I stop when I am satisfied. As a result of this genuine reprogramming of my mind I seem to have freed up so much extra time to enjoy doing the things that I never really seemed to have time for before - whether this is a result of a new found confidence in myself or because I’ve now got ten times the energy as before, is debateable but nevertheless feels amazing!

Hypnotherapy for weight loss has made me feel totally empowered, knowing now that my healthy body is the result of the natural abilities and focus that I had within me all along and not due to the short term results of someone else’s diet diktat. As a result of personally experiencing its transformational power, I took the decision to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist myself, and have since then, witnessed several life changing transformations not only physical but on many other levels too.

If you are interested in Hypnotherapy for weight loss and want to find out how it could empower you to become the size and shape you were meant to be then why not join my 6 week motivational mindset hypnosis programme?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to mentally take back the control over your portion size so that you eat less.

Address any issues that you may be substituting food for.

Boost your self- esteem so that you rely less on food for comfort.

Empower you with the tools to meet your weight loss goals

Elevate your motivation so that failure is no longer an option.

Ditch the diets for good and gain a long term strategy for a slim and healthy body!


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